we really need to get around to setting up and using the system account huh

im sure you can make room if you take out one of your buzzword foss-y hashtags lol

people who dont have their pronouns in their bio and blatantly have no reason not to are just, ugh 🙄

at one point our desktop's name was made in reference to how we had completely fucked everything up and thrown ourselves way out of our depth in the process of switching DE and WM for the second time in a few months

genuinely love staring at a completely borked linux install, the experience of dozens of prior borked linux installs behind me ready to figure out exactly what's gone horrifically wrong this time around

if you ever notice @amy reusing a goodnight message character for character it's probably me trying to pretend to be her when signing off for the night

anyways, night folks

trying to find techy accounts that arent straight as shit and arent really openly lewd... this might be a challenge

Totodile System

The Totodile System